Birthday Parties

We can’t wait to host your child’s birthday party for a fun and rewarding experience at Cliffhanger Climbing

What's included

Our friendly instructors will teach parents/guardians how to belay (hold the ropes).

Everyone will have plenty of time to challenge themselves climbing in our main area.

Catering can be organised through the cafe or you're welcome to bring your own!

After climbing, you'll have access to our private party space upstairs with table, chairs, decorations and cutlery/utensils.


Participants aged under 13 cannot hold the ropes for each other.

We recommend you bring at least 1 adult for every 3-4 kids to belay (hold the ropes).

Gear included.

Contact us for more details, pricing or to book.


“We had a 10 year old birthday party for 14 kids at Cliffhanger and it was an absolute hit. The staff were fantastic and the decor and vibe of the place is really special. The kids were very pumped to climb the highest indoor climbing wall in the southern hemisphere! The party room was upstairs with a mezzanine to watch the climbers. It was set up beautifully with balloons and cups and plates and serviettes. The coffee for us parents also happened to be amazing!”

– Claire

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