Youth Program

Fun & supportive classes for kids!

Learn to climb and have lots of fun! 

Learn new skills

Like any sport, climbing requires a range of technical skills that take time to learn and even longer to master!

Our experienced coaches work with participants on their individual goals and help them learn new skills that are appropriate for their ability level.

Make new friends

Climbing is an individual pursuit in a supportive team environment. We are proud to foster an inclusive, inviting environment where kids of all abilities can come together and have fun!

Rope climbing requires a belayer and a climber, so trust and partnership are essential!

Classes Monday & Friday

Classes run from 4.30pm - 6.30pm on Mondays & Fridays.

Participants can enroll for 1 class per week.

Youth Program participants can climb outside these times as much as they like as part of their membership!

Who’s it for?

Ages 11 - 17

Classes are not age-specific.

We find it is beneficial to have kids of a variety of ages in each class.

Beginner to intermediate climbers

No experience is required. If you're child has never climbed before we'll build their skills and confidence from the ground up! For more experienced youth climbers our coaches will help you improve your technical skills and achieve your goals!


Enrollment in the Youth Program at Cliffhanger is included for all under 18’s with a valid monthly or weekly membership ($33.00 per week). 

Membership also includes: 

  • Unlimited climbing 
  • All climbing equipment rental (harness, shoes, chalk bag) 
  • 15% off shop items and courses 
  • Bring a friend who’s new to Cliffhanger for free every month 
  • Discounted entry to Climb West Melbourne ($170 for 10 visits).
Monthly memberships can be paused in blocks of a full month (1 month, 2 months etc.)
Memberships can be cancelled anytime – there is no lock in contract. 

Want to give it a go? Book your trial session now!

If you’d like to give our classes a go you can book in for a trial session for $40!

Just give us a call (03 9369 6400) or flick us an email ( to schedule your trial now!

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